We need rest – not resolutions

It’s been another year like no other. If you’re feeling a new depth of exhaustion – one that leaves you with many people I talk to, there is a feeling not just of exhaustion, but of extreme fatigue.

Without fuel, there is no fire. At this time of year, it’s likely that many of us are running low, or even running on empty.

When we are depleted, there is not enough fuel to fire up our creative ambitions, or manifest our ideas.

Symptoms indicating exhaustion include low mood, irritability, physical aches, poor digestion and even panic attacks (or “pandemic attacks” as I’ve seen discussed in some medical forums).

Does any of this sound familiar?

It’s also the time of year where we are likely to be flooded with calls to set intentions, to complete quizzes and create vision boards “for 2022 success”.

December is usually a good time to take stock of the year that’s passed and look ahead to what may come, but there is just one issue: we are too tired for this.

The value of rest

If there is one gift we might allow ourselves this festive season – let it be the gift of rest. This means doing only what feels effortless; perhaps to allow a sense of completion; a quiet “well done” for navigating the many challenges of the past year.

With nothing else to be done besides restoring and recharging, we will be ready to ‘spring forth’ when the silvery crocus carpets push through accompanied by clusters of golden daffoldils start emerging.

Experiencing the most Yin time of year

As we approach the winter solstice on December 21st, the most Yin time of year, we can replenish our fuel by embracing winter’s watery qualities of stillness and rest.

Within the Water Element denoting winter in Chinese Five Element Theory, we are invited to adapt our diet to support our needs in the cooler temperatures; to move a little slower; and to align our lifestyle with the shorter daylight hours.

This time to heal is essential for reanimating ourselves with each turn of the seasonal cycle – the expansiveness and creativity of summer is balanced with the inward, quieter qualities of winter. 

“Winter’s quiet shows how to use energy to be self-contained. When we look outside, we see nothing moving. The trees have let go of their leaves and the grass is dormant. Everything is calm.

TCM World

Embracing the yin of winter, the colder months that bring us together indoors, is essential groundwork for resting and recharging. It is from this period that we can then manifest our heart’s desires for 2022 and beyond.

Shiatsu for The Journey Ahead

Keep following the Go Slow Friday Letters for practices from Eastern Medicine that can help you connect with yourself, figure out what you really need, and help you flow through the seasons.

Watch this space.

To book an Online Guided Self-Shiatsu Session, for you or another (festive gift?!) then get in touch. Let’s discuss how Shiatsu could benefit whatever challenges you’re experiencing.

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