Supporting ourselves with the gentle healing power of Reiki

A guy from Bangalore came to me recently for his first Reiki treatment. He hoped Reiki would help him to feel a deeper sense of purpose. He also wanted to know what he could do outside of the treatment space to support himself.

Many clients visit me for Reiki during times of significant life change such as weddings, births, career changes and moving house. Other people are simply curious about this increasingly popular ancient energy healing system and want to experience Reiki energy for themselves.

The fulfillment gap

A significant trend I’ve noticed among my Indian and UK clients these last few years is people turning to Reiki to help them feel a deeper connection to their life, and fill a ‘spiritual gap’.

They explain that although they are forging exciting career paths and have comfortable salaries, they feel something is missing but they don’t know what. Some of them feel depressed more often than not, and are increasingly anxious about the future.

Working away from the office during the pandemic has compounded their low mood. Isolated and without the companionship of colleagues, they tell me that they don’t feel motivated to prioritise their health, nor can they see where to start with improving things.

In the absence of their employer promoting or prioritising work-life balance, they also recognise that change needs to be driven by them.

My burn-out story

After 10 years working in demanding fast-paced corporate environments, I started to feel lost. I loved the variety of my work, my colleagues and I had a clear sense of purpose (promoting clean technology organisations) but I started to feel like something was missing.

Since my first Reiki qualification as in 2009, I’d had Reiki running in the background, supporting me through difficult life periods. Studying Reiki Level 2 in 2015 deepened my connection to Reiki.

As my confidence with Reiki grew, I developed a more regular practice which included self-treatments – an essential part of working with Reiki. (Sharing Reiki with others was never the original intention.) This is when my relationship with Reiki flourished and I found more depth and meaning in the energy.

One aspect that really appealed to me about Reiki is that it does not require you to subscribe to any religion or dogma.

“Because Reiki is spiritual, yet not a religion, it has attracted students from all religious and spiritual backgrounds.”*

I also like how giving Reiki to oneself first is the priority. The original intention of the Reiki healing system was primarily as a simple self-healing system, sometimes used to treat others. (At Reiki Level 2 you learn how to give Reiki to others.)

Reiki is far more than learning a few energy skills: it is also a powerful path to personal growth and spiritual development. Like a faithful companion, we can have it running alongside us throughout our lives. Its essential practices are easy and accessible and regular practice cements them into our routine.

Discover the healing power of Reiki

I’ve made it really easy for you to bring Reiki into your life.

‘Reiki for Everyone’ is a two hour online session introducing you to the Reiki essentials. You’ll learn the key elements of the Reiki energy healing system and practices you can use in your own time that will connect you more deeply to yourself and your life.

You will discover:

  1. Practices you can use every day to strengthen your connection to yourself and your life
  2. The life principles that help you develop your relationship with Reiki energy (read here)
  3. How to use Reiki as your grounding daily ritual to cleanse and energise your soul

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I have been working with Reiki energy for more than a decade. Read here about my Reiki journey and what my clients have to say about their Reiki experiences with me.

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Read this before you commit to learning Reiki

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* Walter Lubeck, Frank Arjava Petter, William Lee Rand, “The Spirit of Reiki: The Complete Handbook of the Reiki System”, Lotus Press – Shangri-La, Reprinted 2013

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