Online Shiatsu Class: Bring the Light, Spark your Energy, Brighten Up

(online class – Saturday 20th February 2021 @ 11am GMT)

The Winter Solstice has passed so we know the light is returning, but there are still a few more dark wintry months to get through until we enjoy brighter mornings.

You’re probably not alone if you’re feeling sluggish and finding it hard to wake up in the dark mornings, and feeling generally short of energy especially since many of us are restricted to our homes.

If you want to lighten up and brighten up then join this hour of Shiatsu-based practices to give mind, body and soul a boost.

All proceeds will be donated to Bowel Cancer UK, a charity that is important to me following my dad’s battle with this disease in 2016.

We will cover:

  1. Do-In, a form of compassionate touch that can help you to wake up; say hello to your fascia! 
  2. Self-massage using acupressure points to give you a boost
  3. Stretches that can open your meridians (energy channels) and get your Ki (energy) flowing
  4. A simple Qi Gong form that will help you connect with heaven’s light and earth’s grounding energies 
  5. Foods recommended by Chinese Medicine for sustainable energy levels

Donate to the fundraiser page (select GiftAid) and I will send you the Google Meet link for the class.


This class is one of the 12 online series of Shiatsu events forming the Shiatsu Society’s ‘12 Days of Shiatsu’ running through the winter months, sharing practices to support your health.

This forms part of the Touch for Life winter campaign which I conceived as part of my voluntary work as Board Director for the Shiatsu Society, where I am focused on raising awareness for Shiatsu and its many benefits in the UK.

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I founded SJA Holistics to help people get well, feel great, and stay well using the power of practices derived from Eastern Medicine including Shiatsu, Reiki, Acupressure and Qi Gong.

For over a decade I’ve worked with Ki and have first-hand experience of how energy- and body-work can lead to positive health. Working with the energy body as well as the physical can bring profound changes to mental, emotional and physical issues.

After completing three years of study for the Professional Shiatsu Diploma, I honed my experience working voluntarily for six months in a national UK charity giving Shiatsu to people recovering from substance misuse.

It is my mission to help you recognise your own self-healing ability and to empower you with the skills and knowledge you need to dramatically improve your self-care.

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Every one of us has a universal energy, also known as lifeforce, chi, prana and Ki, that underpins our whole existence, and within that, our health. Stimulating the flow of Ki is how you can get well, feel great and stay well.

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