5 ways to get the most from your Shiatsu Session

I want you to get the most from your Session so here are my top tips to help you prepare.

  1. Food and drink

Avoid eating, and avoid drinking alcohol or caffeine less than two hours before your treatment.

  1. Clothing

Shiatsu is received fully clothed – aim for loose fitting clothes that allow some movement.

Being comfortable throughout the treatment is important and for some this means keeping warm. If you tend to feel the cold, bring a jumper, warm socks, and whatever you need to keep warm.

  1. What to expect

Shiatsu involves gentle pressure, rotations, stretching and there may be some moments of stillness. Each session is unique to the individual and is guided by their energy (ki). You might lie on your sides, back, front, or be seated depending on the energy meridians that need to be accessed, and according to whatever is comfortable for you.

  1. Check your mindset

At the beginning of a session, it can be helpful to briefly acknowledge your mindset. Can you let yourself be open to whatever arises? Can you give yourself permission to rest a frenetic mind or leave your worries at the door?

We all bring different thoughts, feelings and emotions to each session. Regardless of whether we are tired, stressed, in pain, or in good health, receiving Shiatsu can be a deeply relaxing experience.

  1. After care

Drink plenty of water. The movement of ki can cause some people to feel a little fatigued but any  energetic changes that you might experience should settle within a day or two.

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After completing three years of study for the Professional Shiatsu Diploma, I honed my experience working voluntarily for six months in a national UK charity giving Shiatsu to people recovering from substance misuse.

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