The path to achieving the courage of ten tigers

For common ailments like headaches, period pain, a dodgy tummy and the flu, the solutions I relied on used to be almost exclusively pill-shaped.

Delving into the world of energy work helped me realise how unhelpful this approach was. Although pills may bring rapid relief (desirable in our impatient, time-poor world) they merely mask symptoms rather than getting to the root cause. And relief may only be temporary.

Worse, in popping pills for problems, we overlook what our bodies are trying to signal to us about what’s wrong.

For example, digestive issues are often a manifestation of stress; physical aches and pains may be embodied emotional tension; and constipation a need to improve diet.

Our haste for a speedy solution prevents us from listening closely and finding a solution for long-term relief.

A holistic approach to health recognises that we are “whole” people, so looking to treat one tiny area or issue is usually a mistake. We are so interconnected that influencing one area will have an impact on everything else.

This Chinese adage expresses this sense of wholeness.

“If you know the art of deep breathing, you have the strength, wisdom and courage of ten tigers.”

Put another way – the dictionary defines the word ‘holistic’ in reference to our health as “characterised by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a disease.”

With the advance of medicine, healthcare has become increasingly specialised and fragmented. There are surgeons for complex procedures, nutritionists to recommend ways to eat healthily, a therapist for processing stress and trauma, and a priest for times for existential crises.

Yet rarely is there any crossover, or guidance on taking a single view of the whole person. It seems that we have forgotten the fact that health encompasses not just the absence of physical disease.

To be in good health requires healthy habits, thoughts, coping mechanisms, and harmonious ways of relating to our environment and to others. 

Your picture of health

Before I work with you, I need to understand your health picture and your goals. I will examine not only the obvious physical factors, but also mental, emotional, social, and even spiritual factors.

This is why the questions I ask before your Shiatsu session (and similar for Reiki) may feel so broad, for example I will ask about:

Diet, exercise, sleep quality

Historial health complaints and surgeries

Your living set up, marital status and support network

Your employment

SJA Holistics’ approach to health

Our vision is a world where we all take a holistic view of wellness which at its core means recognising how inherently inter-connected we are.

Consequently, considering our health at every level is essential.

This approach can be combined with Western Medicine if specialist input is required. Two of my family members opted for chemotherapy and the treatment was successful.  

(There is growing evidence demonstrating the effectiveness of Eastern Medicine to ease the nausea, pain and loss of appetite induced by such aggressive treatments.)

Recognition of our existence as whole beings reminds us that impacting one aspect of our being will affect all the other levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It is Ki (energy) that combines every aspect and it is this energy I work with during Shiatsu and Reiki.

Source: New Energy Work

Harnessing your Ki either supported by a Practitioner or in a self-practice is the most effective way to achieve the courage of ten tigers!

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Drop me a line and we can discuss your health goals and whether Shiatsu or Reiki would be the best option for you.

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About Me

I founded SJA Holistics to help people get well, feel great, and stay well using the power of practices derived from Eastern Medicine including Shiatsu, Reiki, Acupressure and Qi Gong.

For over a decade I’ve worked with Ki and have first-hand experience of how energy- and body-work can lead to positive health. Working with the energy body as well as the physical can bring profound changes to mental, emotional and physical issues.

After completing three years of study for the Professional Shiatsu Diploma, I honed my experience working voluntarily for six months in a national UK charity giving Shiatsu to people recovering from substance misuse.

It is my mission to help you recognise your own self-healing ability and to empower you with the skills and knowledge you need to dramatically improve your self-care.

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My Approach

We create your current health picture. Then we get clear on your goals so that we are aligned from the outset. This makes it easier to monitor progress.

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Intelligent Energy

Every one of us has a universal energy, also known as lifeforce, chi, prana and Ki, that underpins our whole existence, and within that, our health. Stimulating the flow of Ki is how you can get well, feel great and stay well.

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