My FIVE biggest reasons to practice Qigong

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I’ve really enjoyed filming the Series from various beautiful locations around north India, like this Japanese Stupa in Leh, Ladakh.

Ahead of the final week of the Series where I share all 18 moves of the Shibashi Set One form, I wanted to share my top reasons for practising Qigong – and why I think every one of us should give it a try!

  1. Empowered healing

Once we have grasped the basics, we can practice Qigong in our own time, much like yoga. We do not need to keep looking to an external ‘authority’, rather we can choose the time, space and the quality we wish to bring to the practice.

2. Improve your health

When the equilibrium of the yin and yang energies within the human body is disturbed, that situation weakens the immune system and eventually leads to illness. As a preventative practice Qigong tackles blockages before they develop into major problems. Qigong helps clear blockages and deter illness by activating our natural healing ability.

Qigong recharges our energy stores, replenishing our vital energy together with the food we eat and the air we breathe.

3. Explore the mystery

With centuries of knowledge about Ki (energy) and the energy body, the richness and depth of Qigong has many hidden wonders to reveal that can benefit our health. For example, the red arrow (below) points to a secret energy gate on the back known as Jia Ji. In a form of Qigong known as Neigong, we can learn how to open this gate so that energy can flow easily.

4. Re-unite with the Universe

Qigong allows us to tap into and be filled with the abundant energies of heaven and earth. We can play with the nourishing, enlivening qualities of sunlight, moonlight and starlight, and use visualisation to fill our cental ‘column’ with this light (imagine light weaving around the whole spine).

In this way we can develop a sense of feeling deeply connected to our surroundings, and heal the illusion of our existence as separate to the rest of life.

5. Connect with your inner warrior

Cultivating energy in the practice of Qigong is a way to improve strength and general well-being. The more we practice, the more energy we cultivate, and the stronger we may feel connected to our inner ‘fire’.

How many more reasons do you need to try Qigong?!

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