10 Principles of Shiatsu

For Planetary Health, Healing and Harmony


Ki (energy) is the binding force that animates both human and non-human life, activating the consciousness inherent in every thing. Within this web, practices to stimulate the movement of Ki to establish health and harmony at the microcosm will also be experienced at the macrocosm.

Since human and environmental health cannot be separated, it follows that prioritising a balanced life is how we can establish healthy functioning both inside and out.


Care of the self

In times of crisis, looking after ourselves is even more critical. A daily practice to establish a baseline state of connection to self may involve meditation, self-Shiatsu, Hara massage, Qigong or meridian stretches. This is the path to whole-person living and is how we can best maintain our health and prevent dis-ease from arising.

With clear vision, flexibility and nourishment, we are more likely to make planet positive choices, and acknowledge when and how to fill our own cup, and when to support others to do the same.


Intuition & visualisation

Practitioners are guided by gut feeling, instinct or intuition and value this as a way to bring about health and harmony, in Shiatsu treatments and beyond.Visualisation helps to move Ki and also shapes the look and feel of a sustainable world.


Being of service

Service to oneself is as essential as service to others. With awareness of our own health, Practitioners make conscious choices around when and how to share Shiatsu with others.

Compassion fatigue and signs of working beyond one’s limits are understood and monitored with the assistance of the Practitioner’s colleagues, mentors etc.

Space & time

Practitioners understand the need to practice doing not-doing, and to bring a sense of peace resulting from ‘effortless action’ or ‘actionless action’ to even the most fraught circumstances.

In a state of profound concentration and flow, vision and action may align to establish movement towards unity, health and harmony.

Power / autonomy / leadership

Practitioners have sovereignty of themselves and respect this in others too. Practitioners demonstrate a whole-person approach to health through ‘living their practice’ and sharing their knowledge with others when appropriate to do so.


Practitioners understand the impact of words so use them wisely. Clean language is practised including the use of metaphor to reveal new insights and a deeper level of understanding.

Communication may be non-verbal too expressed through body language and the transfer of information in the Ki field. Thus positive expressions of language may be felt beyond the immediate.


Spending time alone with the natural world perhaps as part of a daily practice is how Practitioners may root themselves in a meaningful connection to all that is sacred.

During this communion Practitioners may discover new ways to ‘be’ in relation to Nature and how to coexist alongside all life.


Sharing our practice(s) among people in our local communities ignites positive change at grassroots level. Healthy Practitioners contribute to the health of individuals, which creates healthy communities.

Positive effects ripple out through the Ki field, strengthening ecological and social wellbeing as a result of Shiatsu’s ability to unite and connect.



Embracing the diversity of Shiatsu styles and Practitioners contributes to a depth of practice with a greater potential to meet and cooperate with all forms of life.

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